"I called Taylor recently for help with a sensitive, important work-related matter. Her feedback and insight were invaluable! Taylor’s knowledge of astrology, along with her senior-management business background, helped me completely reframe the situation. She suggested a number of options for negotiating I hadn’t thought of, patiently discussed the mechanics and nuances of the situation with me in detail, and provided reassuring insight and analysis—so much so that, by the time I got off the call, I was feeling dramatically calmer and more confident.. Her trustworthiness and discretion are also hugely appreciated! I’m a professional astrologer myself, and Taylor is the first person I think to call for business advice that benefits from the profound insights available through astrology. She’s wonderful! Her presence is calm and steady, her insights are wise and practical, and her advice based on her experience as a successful executive is absolutely impeccable. I encourage everyone to call her for help with any career- or business-related questions they're facing."

-Kris J.

"Taylor is so skilled, warm, and passionate, and I could tell she put effort into personalizing my experience so that I got the most out of my consultation! I gained a sense of grounding and purpose from knowing how the stars have mirrored my experience this last year, and a sense of hope and renewal ahead in this next one.  How supported I felt based on all the work I’ve been putting in to navigate my difficult experiences and what reassurance I had in knowing Taylor saw it all written in the stars. 

I received a lot of practical guidance on how to navigate this period I’m in. I’m able to move forward in the world with more confidence about some of my choices and things I was debating as I sort through what this next chapter of life is bringing me. I know more about why I’ve experienced so many losses and endings, where the new growth is coming, and the power and self-assuredness needed to step into this next phase. I’m incredibly grateful for all the wisdom and support Taylor offered in our time together! I was left with so many gems to keep turning over."

-Melissa G.

"What an absolute joy to talk with Taylor! Her listening ear and keen attention to detail helped us focus our conversation to my specific curiosities. Thank you Taylor! I'll be back and have already given your name out to a discerning friend."

-Kristen F.

"I loved Taylor's reading because of her knowledge and use of profections and her ability to give me specific timings. She screen-shared her software and I was able to see in action all of the planetary transits and progressions as we talked. Taylor listened to my questions and did a great job answering them. I felt affirmed and very satisfied with my session!"

-Linda Z.

"I can't even express how thrilled I was with your reading! It was almost a validation that I am on the track that I was destined for, it's written in the sky. Thank you so much for the encouragement with my lil business:) I am doing a soft, soft launch this Sunday at the Farmer's Market I run. I will let you know how it goes. I can't wait to dive into these charts and learn a little astrology. It's all so fascinating. I'm so glad we have connected and look forward to meeting you in person someday. Thank you SO much!!!"

-Alanna H.

"Taylor provided a wonderful consultation - full of insight and empathy. This was my first time working with an Astrology and consulting my chart based on my birth day. I was truly amazed by how resonant and helpful our conversation was. Taylor started by really listening to understand what is happening in my life, what I’m thinking and feeling, and what I thought might be most supportive. It was amazing to see her pull threads out of my star chart to put into dialogue about these things.

She masterfully framed what she saw as the energy currents and potentials in my life in a way that felt more like an offering than a prescription. I will be reflecting and acting on the insights she gave me for some time to come."

-Adam M.

"What a rich and wonderful consultation I had with Taylor! She is clearly very skilled in astrology and in sharing those skills with her clients.

She has a warm, personal style that makes the experience feel like a conversation with a wise and dear teacher. Highly recommended!"

-Denise A.

"Wow, I truly enjoyed my entire 90 minutes session with Taylor! She is a natural astrologer. Very knowledgeable and sensitive. She applies it well in a manner that speaks well to me. I was asking about my true potential in life, among other things, she informed and explained it carefully, in detail. Additionally, she showed me the way to achieve it.

Organised, clear, practical, refreshing, simple - that is how I feel during the session. Help her by giving feedback and ask questions that concerns you dearly. She will help you the best she can. I look to the sky for life answers. I wish she is the bright guiding star for you too as she did for me."

-Hee Xiang T.

"Taylor is a truly gifted astrologer. I am an astrologer myself, and I must say that her depth and breadth of knowledge in multiple disciplines, as well as the uncanny accuracy of her reflections is remarkable. She has a wonderful bedside manner which makes the process really fun - but also makes the time fly so quickly!

Taylor's reading was both affirming and transformative. I came away with a lot of insights I need to sit with, journal about, and incorporate into a new way of thinking and being. It was proven to me once again that astrology has the power to help us see ourselves more clearly, so that we can change for the better. I love witnessing this process at work when guided by the hands of a capable astrologer like Taylor. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

-Mica M.

"Loved our time together this morning...thank you for sharing your gifts with me!"

-Dianna M.