Mission, Vision, Values

Jumping with Joy
Joy of Harvest


Make the world a more joyful, loving, magical, healthy and easy place to live. 


You are thriving. Living joyfully. Bursting with love. Clarity of your gifts illuminates your magic. Deeply understanding the lessons in your life's curriculum comes with ease, and gives every moment more meaning. Aligned with the cosmic tides, your sense of purpose makes the world a better place. You have decoded the universe's language, and the instruction manual your soul gifted you at birth--your natal chart.

Happy Girl
Happy Girl
Looking at the View


Love: connection, compassion, care

Exploration: curiosity, courage, liberation

Joy: creativity, alignment, laughter

Embodiment: equity, access, growth

Embodying the mission, vision and values

Some examples of how these values are translated into practical, observable elements that make an impact include:

  • Sliding scale payment options

  • Pay it forward and tip jar options

  • Zoom consultations with closed captions, transcripts, optional face-to-face video, dial-in options, audio and video recordings.

  • Website Accessibility Statement


Communication Accessibility

Closed captions, transcripts, optional face-to-face video and dial-in options support many people for a variety of reasons both during and after the consultation. After consultations, clients are emailed audio and video recordings and transcripts can be provided as well.

Financial Accessibility

These options promote intersectional inclusion, equity and access. Sliding scale allows everyone who wants to access the offerings provided with the financial resources available to them. No one is turned away for lack of financial resources. Astrology has the power to help all people, especially those who are historically marginalized or oppressed based on identity or level of capital resources. This article from Appleseed Permaculture is an excellent primer on the 8 forms of capital

How to use the sliding scale

Sliding scale consultations start at $77.  To book a sliding scale consultation, use the Sliding Scale offering to book. Then, let me know in the booking notes what email address or name the payment is coming from if it does not match to the name and email address you book with, and pay the amount of your choice between $77-174+ via PayPal on the Pay It Forward page. Email me at info@taylorshulerastrology.com with any questions. 

You do not need to share with me any reason, explanation or justification for the amount you have chosen to pay. Check out the FAQ for more information.

You can learn more about what sliding scale is and how it works from Worts + Cunning and from the image below: