Why Adele’s album, "30" has me so excited as an astrologer!

Have you heard Adele’s new album yet? It was the first thing I listened to this morning. Adele is one of my favorite artists, and like many others, I love the album. If you caught her performance on the Oprah special last week, you might have noticed that it took place at an Observatory, she wore Saturn earrings, has a Saturn tattoo on her forearm, and released her album, entitled “30,” the day of the lunar eclipse in Taurus.

But what does it all mean?

From the ages of 27-30 (with some echoes through age 32), Saturn, the planet of time, endurance, and the important structures in our lives, returns to the same place in the sky it was when we were born. We call this the “Saturn Return.” And every 7 years or so, we get a visit from Saturn as it gets another 25% closer to the next return around age 55. If your past age 30, you’d probably agree that something important happened during this time in your life: marriage, divorce, having your first child, a major career event, something with your health, or a loved one, etc. Saturn makes us stand the test of time and either rewards us or redirects us.

Saturn rules the bones in our bodies, in addition to rigid structures like buildings and governments. Rigid things aren’t flexible by nature. When something isn’t flexible, and it is met with force, it either withstands the force or has to break. Similarly, if things aren’t feeling good during a Saturn transit, some might say they feel “broken.” I recently heard someone say “it’s not broken, it’s in an amendable state.” Just like mending broken bones, Saturn gives us the opportunity to enter an amendable state if the structures in our lives are in need of change. If we choose to accept Saturn’s invitation, we can build back better and stronger. Along with Saturn’s invitation come Saturn’s tools that we are tasked with using: discipline, hard work, austerity, integrity, and alignment. The questions Saturn ultimately wants to answer are:

What’s most important to you?

What do you need to do to get what you need?

What gifts are you here to develop?

Have you been focusing on developing yourself or have you been focusing your attention elsewhere?

If you’ve been focusing your attention in a place other than on developing yourself, why?

How does your understanding of the real world need to change to move forward?

When Adele was born, Saturn—the work she needs to do in her life, the place in need of structures, what tests her—is in her seventh house of partnerships. The seventh house can relate to long-term romantic partnerships like marriage, or business partnerships. So, it’s not a surprise that Adele’s Saturn return story involves making difficult decisions about her marriage. In the end, Adele chose happiness knowing that happy people make happy parents and happy parents are in the best position to raise healthy, happy children.

But why did Adele release her new album on the day of the lunar eclipse in Taurus?

Eclipses happen when the Sun, Moon and earth are in perfect alignment so that either the moon blocks out the sunlight or the earth blocks sunlight from the Moon, casting a shadow on it. This alignment occurs at points in the sky that can be mathematically calculated and are referred to as the north and south node. The north and south node sit directly opposite one another in the sky. Today, the north node is in Gemini and the south node is in the opposite sign, Sagittarius. The Sun and Moon were in opposite signs today as well, which is what happens when we have a Full Moon. Although the Sun was in Scorpio and the Moon was in Taururs, the signs adjacent to Sagittarius and Gemini, they were both close enough to the nodes to allow for an alignment of the Sun, Moon, and earth to occur, so we experienced a lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus.

Eclipses often bring us power surges or power outages, literally or figuratively in the area of our lives ruled by the sign in which they occur. For example, the power in my neighborhood went out just a few hours after today's eclipse, and was restored about two hours later.

When Adele was born, the Sun and Jupiter were in the sign of Taurus in the 11th house, opposite Pluto in Scorpio in the fifth house. This lunar eclipse in Taurus has activated these planets by a wide orb. The Sun represents our soul and where we shine. The 11th house represents our hopes, dreams, patrons, and material things created for public use that make the world a better place. It's also a house where we can see stories related to difficulties or trauma show up. The fifth house represents children or the fruits of our creative, fun and artistic pursuits. Adele's album, "30" (5th house) is a work that she has put out into the world for public consumption (11th house) which features her son (5th house) and is a result of the transformation (Pluto) and painful difficulties (11th house) she has had to face in ending her marriage and moving forward in her life. What better time to release this album than today! I'm curious if Adele's friend who turned her onto the Saturn Return has also served as her astrologer or teacher, if Adele is self-taught or has a trusted astrologer to consult with. Regardless, Adele clearly understands the power of the stars and aligned herself to harness the natural energies that flow to us from them.

Natal Chart: Adele Adkins, May 5, 1988, 8:19 AM, Tottenham, England. 5 Cancer Rising.

Source: Astro DataBank, Bio/Autobiography. Rodden Rating: B

The next eclipse will be on December 4th in the sign of Sagittarius. This will be the last in the series of eclipses in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini that have occurred over the past year and half, as the nodes will be moving into Taurus and Scorpio for the next year and a half and that's where we'll be experiencing eclipses. This lunar eclipse in Taurus was a preview into where the near future is asking us to direct our attention on a personal and collective level. The final solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th will be an opportunity to close the chapter we've been working on for the past year and a half.

What has this eclipse brought for you? Where has the power surged or gone out in your life during this eclipse season? What changes are you looking forward to embracing? Share in the comments as I'd love to learn about your experiences.

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