The Notorious RBG’s Natal Chart

I’m drawn to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s birth chart immediately from what I share in common with her. Her name is shared by both of my grandmothers, also ancestors. RBG’s sun in Pisces is the sign of my ascendant. We share the North Node in Pisces and moon in Scorpio. True to her exalted Venus in Pisces opposed to Neptune, the opera transported her to another realm and she sought to establish a large and pervasive set of case law in favor of gender equity. Her Saturn in Aquarius, which is about to make a 3rd return in her chart, pointed towards her work culminating in assuming an authoritative (Saturn) role as someone who made progress (Aquarius) for women (Venus) in particular. The kite pattern in her chart composed of the grand water trine of Pluto in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio, Sun/Venus/NN in Pisces with the outlet being the Mars/SN/Neptune/Jupiter stellium in Virgo emphasizes the theme of a nurturing dedication to transformation (Pluto) in regards to women (moon/Venus) in ways that may be taboo or against the current norms (Scorpio) because she knew on at the deepest (or potentially highest spiritual- Pisces/Neptune) level, that we are all equal (Pisces). Venus exalted in Pisces near the North Node opposed to Mars in Virgo near the South Node says so much about how she so clearly saw women as the future and patriarchy as the past. When asked what she thought a reasonable number of women to sit on the Supreme Court would be, she replied “Nine” because that was the number of men that society thought had been reasonable so far, so why not have nine women, she went on to explain.

Although we do not have a confirmed birth time for RBG, I think there is a strong case for putting Aquarius, Uranus or Venus (or a Venus ruled sign) on an angle, or alternatively placing Uranus or Pluto in the 3rd house emphasizing the impact she had through her career on the daily lives of most of society as a whole or the Venusian way she showed up for women and those she loved and who loved her back (Venus exalted/NN/Sun in Pisces).

While I haven’t spent too much time trying to confirm this with rectification techniques, this Taurus rising chart seems to put all the right elements in all the right places from how I unDee’s tans her biography. Venus, exalted in Pisces becomes the chart ruler, emphasizing the importance of women in her life, and placing Venus in the 11th house where we find hopes, dreams, social justice and large groups of people. Taurus rising also explains her physical a features—dreamy blue eyes, soft brown hair, and as she aged how her neck, is ruled by Taurus, bent forward. This would place Saturn in the 10th house, representing her role as an authority in government, with her forward-thinking Aquarian flair.

Mercury in the 12th house (amplified by Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury) would describe how early on in her career others report that she didn’t say a whole lot in group conversations and seemed to be somewhat quiet and reserved. As a Mercury in the 12th native myself, I find this manifestation (in addition to other interpretations such as psychic permeability) oftentimes overlooked. Again, her love is the opera is reinforced by Mercury in the 12th, the Piscean house. When she was finally heard, it was brilliant and unexpected sometimes catching opposing counsel unprepared (Uranus) and it was on topics related to the hidden parts of institutions (12th house)—whether it be the Air Force not properly compensating women with a housing allowance or the seemingly invisible but very real institution of sexism and discrimination, or that her her voice was literally hidden in the chambers of the Supreme Court until opinions are shared. While many point to the 8th house for where superpowers are possessed, it seems many of the most successful people derive their power from the 12th house.

Chiron in Taurus (ruled by Venus) in the first house would explain how her wound—that she couldn’t get hired after graduating from Columbia law school because of an essential part of her identity (first house) her gender as a woman (Venus ruled sign)—became her biggest oppor to heal when it set her onto a path of teaching and working with the ACLU that led to her Supreme Court nomination.

The Moon in Scorpio in the 7th house would describe her long, supportive, loving and, at the time, untraditional marriage with her husband who was the one who made sure she came home from work, ate dinner every night and went to bed on time because she was too busy changing the world.

The fifth house stellium would describe how her creativity (5th house) was manifested in her public service (Virgo). Namely, how she crafted her legal arguments to cut down barriers (Mars) in service to a higher ideal (Neptune). This quote of hers also reinforces the Venus-Mars opposition in her chart having a 5th and 11th house placement: “Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” Jupiter in the 5th house could signify not only the two children she had and her grandchildren and the maternal role she played for her husband when he had cancer but more importantly that she is the maternal figure (Jupiter) to untold generations (Neptune) of women (Venus) who have and will continue to benefit (Jupiter) from the progress she never stopped working (Mars) to achieve (North Node).

Rest in Power.

What are your thoughts on rectifying Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s horoscope? If you’re aware of a timed chart, how do you understand her chart differently or similarly to this interpretation? Comment below to keep the conversation going.

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