Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

December 4, 2021

2:43 AM ET

This new moon in Sagittarius marks the last eclipse in the series that we’ve been experiencing for the last 18 months, beginning in May 2020.

Think about how the world has changed not just since the pandemic began, but specifically from this time. The murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery and too many black people prompted the resurgence for BLM. Social activism and anti-racist education initiatives have been at the forefront for many. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis encourages us to lean into curiosity, communicating, learning and caring for our neighbors and community (Gemini), and teaching, aligning with our beliefs, gaining knowledge and experience from people, cultures and places who are different from us (Sagittarius). Our knowledge forms our beliefs and world views. Eclipses create power surges and power outages in areas of our lives to create change that supports our evolution towards transcendence and ascension.

Tell me in the comments, over the past 18 months:

What have you learned?

How have you changed?

How have your allegiances dissolved and morphed?

How have your identities been reformed and solidified?

How have your priorities been cleaned up and clarified?

Going forward:

What else do you need to let go of and release?

What do you need to make more room for?

Who do you want to be and what do you need to be surrounded by?

What brings you joy?

What adventures have you been on or are beginning now?

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