New Moon in Libra October 6, 2021

Written By Taylor Shuler

New Moon in Libra

October 6, 2021

7:05 AM EDT

13 Libra

You know that song that’s all over social media? They’re calling it the “Grace Kelly Challenge.” The lyrics go:

“I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be violet sky / I could be hurtful, I could be purple, I could be anything you like”

It’s been stuck in my head, on and off the past few days. When I started thinking about the new moon in Libra, it popped back in my head.

Libra is all about the balance. Me and you. Us and them. Dark and light. Right and wrong. The progression from Virgo to Libra is about building upon the discernment we’ve cultivated during Virgo season to move towards making a judgment, or moving towards balance and integration. You know how faces that are symmetrical are usually judged as more beautiful? That’s Libra energy. Fair. Balanced. Juuuust. Right. Sometimes Libra gets low-vibe-associated with wanting to make everyone happy, people pleasing or saying what someone wants to hear and turning around and doing, thinking, feeling or saying something completely different with the next person. What’s really being sought is acceptance, integration, harmony and connection. But we go through the jungle gyms of cognitive dissonance to get to integration and connection. Libra is an air sign after all, which affiliates it with the themes of cognition and social connection it shares in common with fellow air signs, Aquarius and Gemini.

This new moon in Libra occurs on the same day that Pluto’s retrograde ends and Pluto stations direct to march forward in the sky. When planets are retrograde they lean in a little closer. And when they station direct it’s kind of like when that person who leaned in a little too close is lingering a little too long and is staring at something, or pointing their gaze at something you need to look at, if they're not staring directly at you, making you feel really uncomfortable. That kind of discomfort makes us check ourselves: Do I have something in my teeth? Did I forget to wear shoes in public? What am I not realizing that I need to pay attention to? Jupiter (expansion, learning), Saturn (hard work and hard-learned lessons) and Mercury (communication, travel, commerce) will all be stationing direct within the next couple of days so it’s almost as if a few characters draw our attention this in slow motion in reaction to something. Like heads turning and then feet following the turned heads to move in the opposite direction. But I digress. Pluto is deeply transformative and transformation ain’t pretty like that perfectly symmetrical Libra I mentioned earlier. Although Pluto doesn’t make an exact aspect to the new moon, you could say the new moon and Pluto are talking at one another.

Hence, the song that seems to say: "Yes, I can be whatever pretty color you want me to be, and also I can flip it 180 degrees and you “color me” hurtful instead. But, you know… whatever you like." In stereotypical Libra fashion--concerned with aesthetics, eager to please, happy to balance the scales. The song, called “Grace Kelly” explains that the singer couldn’t be like Grace Kelly so he tried to be like Freddie (presumably Freddie Mercury from the visual and musical cues the song gives). Freddie Mercury and Grace Kelly are pretty different energies. The music video juxtaposes dark and light. Right and left. Up and down. Male and female. Child and adult. Not to mention the Grace Kelly Challenge itself sounds very different than the original song—an exercise in juxtaposition in itself! All are opposites that need the balancing that Libra provides.

MIKA, the artist, has natal Pluto at 27 Libra conjunct Saturn. Right now, transiting Pluto is within a 3 degree orb of a square to MIKA’s natal Pluto, which is the same kind of aspect, albeit with a much wider orb, that this new moon is making to transiting Pluto. What I’m saying is: This song increasing in popularity ahead of this new moon is an example of the energy we’re being asked to pay attention to right now.

What are the balances, juxtapositions or contradictions in your life? How will you resolve them? Think: fake smiles, wage slavery, health care… what other seemingly contradictory phrases or ideas come to mind for you? What can you do to transform the imbalance that the scales can no longer hold? How will this rebalancing help move us toward better integration? What feels beautiful to you? What is still in balance that you don’t want to change? Share in the comments

“Gotta be green, gotta be mean, gotta be everything more / Why don't you like me? Why don't you like me? Walk out the door!”

-Lyrics from Grace Kelly by MIKA

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