New Moon in Capricorn - January 2, 2022

January 2, 2022

1:33 pm EDT

12 Capricorn

What could be better the day after New Year's than a fresh new moon in Capricorn? New moons give us an opportunity to set intentions and manifest something new based on the sign and house the lunation takes place in. This new moon at 12 degrees of Capricorn sports a supportive trine to spontaneous, surprising, tech-savvy Uranus. During this new moon period, set your intentions for the next year, and/or for the next month.

Capricorn is a receptive sign. It's style is high-achieving, structured, formal, "professional," official, regulated, career-oriented, merit-focused, maternal/parental, governmental, and high-level. As much as Capricorn is all these things on the outside, on the inside and the older Capricorn gets, the more fun and childlike they become. Work hard, play hard.

This ethos is pretty classically meritocratic and capitalist. If I work hard, I'll earn money. I need to earn money to build my life. Once I've built my life, I can relax and have fun. The only problem is that more and more of us are seeing this isn't true. We don't need to work hard and earn a lot of money to have fun. The Great Resignation has demonstrated that people are no longer willing to struggle and toil away, working towards burn out when life has shown to be a precious gift that can end unexpectedly just by living it.

The first news of COVID-19 was released on January 12, 2020--the same day as the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. As we revisit Capricorn on this new moon, we are naturally revisiting the start of COVID and asking ourselves again how we want this year to be different from the last two.

Over the past 2 years, we've had to, and we are being invited again to ask ourselves these Capricorn (and Cancer axis) questions:

If we're living our lives, and that means we risk dying by leaving the house, do I want to take the risk (Uranus) of dying from traveling to the office/worksite everyday, or because I'm truly living my life and feeling alive doing things and being with the people I love the most?

Do I really need money to make me happy?

What are the structures that support my life?

What laws and regulations will I follow or not?

Do I need a promotion o make me happy?

Does external validation and recognition count for anything?

Who really cares (Cancer/Capricorn) for me, and how do I take responsibility to care for myself?

How can I live differently (Uranus) than society has dictated I should (Capricorn) so that I can be happy and willing to accept the consequences of the risks I take living my life?

Do we really have to work 40 hours a week? Do we really need to follow all these rules? Who made them? Can we change them?

We have seen a large number of strikes over the past few weeks and months, including those at Kellogg and John Deere. I'll be curious to see if we see any movement on those this week, especially between January 5-6th when the moon will conjoin beneficient Jupiter in his home sign of compassionate Pisces, or early the following week after values and money-concerned Venus can whisper into the ear of the sun, making one wish during her cazimi.

Back to this new moon: not only is it a time to revisit some of these big quetions, but it's also a time to enjoy a fun, new start. You might find yourself spontaneously (Uranus) getting a call to meet with a lunar or Capricorn/Cancer type of person. You might get a surprise, or using (a new) technology to support your endeavors (Uranus). You might want to use the energy to meditate and call in divine guidance. This is an excellent new moon to manifest on, especially on the 5th or 6th once the moon moves into Pisces before it makes it's conjunction with Jupiter at 1 Pisces.

Choose your sun, moon or rising sign below for your horoscope:

Capricorn: How is loving yourself transforming and renewing? Don't get that new haircut or permanent beauty treatment just yet until Venus turns direct on January 29th, but what are the small, temporary things that make you feel beautiful and valued?

Aquarius: What have you been dreaming about? A new home? Your ancestors? What are the supportive structures that you can renew in your life to support you during the year ahead? If you've been thinking about going on a retreat, starting meditation or getting a therapist, now is a great time. Give yourself the love you need, and renew how you value your mental health and places where you can be alone to rest and heal.

Pisces: What social issues are you wanting to be more vocal about? Are you thinking about how to tell your friends you love them and what value they've added to your life? What groups and organizations are you renewing memberships to this year and which ones are no longer mutually beneficial? How does your neighborhood and daily routine support your hopes and dreams?

Aries: What new career, professional or public life changes are you pondering? Are you thinking about different ways to earn money from the work you're known for? How does what you do in the world contribute to boosting your self esteem and self confidence? What is the value you bring to your job and how do you make that known so that you have the resources you need to thrive?

Taurus: What are you learning from the sudden changes you may be experiencing in your life? Is there something you want to publish? Maybe a place you want to travel? If you can't travel, how can you bring some spice in your life by maybe getting take out and playing music and a movie from the place you wish you could be in? How does this change make life more fun?

Gemini: How has your dream life and the structures that support your mental health been changing recently? Is it time to talk to others in your dreams about the support you need regarding the resources you share, your mortgage or taxes? Have you been thinking about starting therapy, perhaps dream therapy or Jungian psychology? What behind the scenes work has been shifting for you? How is remote work affecting your mindset?

Cancer: How are your partnerships or your relationship with your significant other affected by your friends, the social causes you support, the money you earn from your profession and your hopes and dreams? What do you want to manifest to change something about this? What spontaneous fun are you and your partner having with friends?

Leo: What commitments can you renew to your health, daily routine or pets that are inspired by how you show up in the world and the work that you do? What changes need to be made in your career to better support these aspects of your life? Speak up for what you need to take care of you. And keep those receipts!

Virgo: What spontaneous, flirty fun are you having? How can this surprise help you renew your commitment to bringing more romance into your life this next year? What creative projects are being fueled by what you're learning or where you'd like to travel? If you're dating, have you met someone from another country or culture that has surprised you and taught you a lot?

Libra: How are you thinking about your home and your mortgage? What have you inherited from your parents or ancestors and what are you passing on and leaving to the world? How can you change this, or do it differently to make the world a better place? How can you do ancestor work to support what you're trying to build and do differently this time?

Scorpio:What do you and your partner need to talk about? What is surprising? Can you take a walk and turn a different way that you usually do? Instead of always going one way on your walk, can you do it in reverse?Have you learned something unexpected from your neighbors? Have you both picked up some good new books to read? Be radically honest with one another, and renew your commitment to keep things fresh.

Sagittarius: What work are you doing on your self-confidence, self-esteem and having the resources you need to provide for and care for yourself? Is romance somehow intertwined with this question? What money goals are you setting? How does this tie into your creative life? How is it impacted by your children or creative projects? What are you renewing about your money and finances in a way that doesn't feel like a gamble? How can you make it fun?

I'd love to know in the comments or by email how any of these are showing up for you during this moon cycle. Let me know!

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