My Favorite, Highly Recommended Astrology Resources

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

In this post, I share some of my favorite things and helpful astrology resources for those interested in deepening their astrological studies.

I'm so glad you're checking out my site. Some gifts keep on giving, so I'm listing all the things that have benefited me that can certainly benefit others as well.

“I love it when other people put comprehensive quality lists all in one place so I can pick and choose what works for me, so that's what I've done here.”

I use some of these a lot, and some a little, but regardless it took some finding to find them all and I love it when other people put comprehensive quality lists all in one place so I can pick and choose what works for me, so that's what I have done here. Let me know in the comments what you enjoy and what should be added to the list!

Astrology Resources


-Astrology by Janay: The Podcast

-The Astrology Podcast (and the associated Patreon account under Chris Brennan’s name)

-Anne Ortelee’s Weekly Weather

-Astrology Hub (amazing, huge, highly recommended monthly membership community, also on IG, FB, YT)

-Ghost of a Podcast by Jessica Lanyadoo

-Accessible Astrology with Eugenia Krok

-The Savvy Luminary (astrology for entrepreneurs)

-Astrology Bytes by Theresa Reed

-The Cosmic Lifestyle Podcast with Claire Gallagher (health/nutrition)

-A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World

-Holes to Heavens

-Beautiful Astrology

-Cosmic Cousins with Jeff Hinshaw

-Earth Sky Woman Podcast with Tami Brunk

-Hermetic Astrology Podcast with Gary Caton

-Steven Forrest Evolutionary Astrology Podcast

-The Cosmic Calling with Soulshine Astrology

-The Water Trio Podcast

-This Week in Astrology by Benjamin Bernstein of AstroShaman

-Weirdly Magical (uses tarot)

-What’s your sign (3 female comedians)

-What's Your Sign with Kirah Tabourn of The Strology


-Rick Merlin Levine

-Heather Ensworth

-KRS Astrology Channel

-Nadiya Shah

-Debra Silverman (also on IG)

-8th and 12th houses (also a website and FB group)



-Queer Astrology Conference (BIPOC-led organization; recordings available on a sliding scale starting at $0)

-Fresh Voices in Astrology (BIPOC-led organization)

-The Astrology of Purpose and Power Summit (Aug 7-9) by Christina Caudill of Radiant Astrology

-Allied Media Conference (some astrology and other topics)

-OPA (Organization for Professional Astrologers)

-UAC (United Astrology Conference)



-Kelly Surtees monthly horoscope

-Astrology Hub

-The Astrology Podcast on Patreon

-Inner Outer Space on Patreon

-Accessible Astrology

-AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking)

-AYA (Association for Young Astrologers)


-Astrology University

-Astrology Hub (lots of teachers, lots of topics, monthly outlook, new moon, full moon ceremonies, huge Facebook group, podcasts on topics and weekly weather)

-STA (highly regarded horary program)

-Kepler College

-Kelly Surtees (Hellenistic some modern, every topic you could want including the Astrology Business Bootcamp I took with her)

-Chris Brennan (Hellenistic)

-Steven Forrest (Evolutionary Astrology)

-Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell (Shamanic Astrology)

-Gemini Brett (Shamanic, Astronomy for Astrologers)

-Anne Ortelee (free article on the pinball method, monthly new moon, planetary significance and timing classes)

-Chani Nicholas (book “You Were Born for Thus”, monthly new moon horoscope, meditation and rituals and other classes on asteroids and personal planets)

-Ray Merriman’s Merriman Market Academy (“MMA” for financial astrology)

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