Mercury in Aquarius

The 2021 in Review Series allows us to reflect on the horoscopes from the past year. Here's the horoscope originally posted on Instagram:

Mercury enters Aquarius

January 8, 2021

Disclaimer: I am 100% biased about this transit because I have Mercury in Aquarius in my natal chart and it’s one of my favorite (and most challenging) features of my natal chart.


At 7:00 am EST on January 8, 2021 Mercury enters Aquarius where it will remain until March 15, 2021. Mercury is staying in Aquarius for so long because it will station retrograde on January 30 and station direct on February 20. This transit will highlight the recent Saturn-Jupiter conjunction that occurred at 0 Aquarius on December 21, 2020. Are any themes recurring from around that date for you?


If I were a teacher, I’d be really excited because it means all the babies born for the next TWO months and one week will have Mercury in Aquarius. I can just imagine a whole classroom filled with unconventional, brainy kids who seemingly pick information out of the air. I digress.


Mercury rules our communication, thoughts, mind, transportation and commerce and it is considered as being “exalted” when it is in the sign of Aquarius. I hope this transit helps us all to think, see, understand and communicate with one another clearly especially on topics related to the highest and greatest good of groups of people. That hope is my prayer today.


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