2021 in Review: Vacation Series!

The 2021 in Review Series allows us to reflect on the horoscopes from the past year. Here's the horoscope originally posted on Instagram:

Vacation - Day 1 - There’s nothing better than the beach to ground and cleanse especially with all of the intense energy getting activated by by hot, fiery Mars and relational Venus triggering the ground shifting Saturn - Uranus square. When we feel unstable, tectonic shifts and like we don’t have control sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere where the tides can remind us to go with the flow and just be here now. Just live. Just be. You are enough. Being is enough. There’s no need to try. Just be. #astrology#vacation#beachlife#ocean#pisces#newyork#newyorker

Vacation- Day 2 - Cancer season & Mercury rx ends as it exits its shadow. Mercury retrograde took place in my 4th place of home and family. When a planet is retrograde, we are invited to put more focus in that area of our life in a manner for for the planet in question. Oftentimes our focus is on reviewing, revisiting and revising something. Mercury represents our cognitive processes and travel among other things. My Mercury retrograde vacation took me back to Lond Beach, where my mother was born, where my parents took me some summer weekends to go to the beach, enjoy Italian ices and pizza and where I lived during a critical part of my Saturn return. For me, during cancer season I am invited to focus on how I nurture my joy. Returning to this familiar beach town, sinking my feet in the sand and letting the salty ocean water wash over me was real self love, self care and felt like joyful, rejuvenating freedom. #astrology #cancerseason #mercury

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