2021 in Review: Sun enters Scorpio

The 2021 in Review Series allows us to reflect on the horoscopes from the past year. Here's the horoscope originally posted on Instagram:

SUN ENTERS SCORPIO - October 23, 2021 - 12:51 AM ET

It’s Scorpio season! Captions: Transformation requires intimacy (with self and others) Explore the depths Soar the heights Bring the passion & intensity Eliminate what is not meant for you Participate in your evolution Also fun things to do in Scorpio season: retest into your cave. Mine is my bed with lots of pillows and covers. It’s my safe healing safe. What’s yours? We are going to see the sun, Mars and Mercury form a t-square to Saturn and Uranus highlighting changes related to the pandemic—the great resignation, how we work, food and supply chain, vaccines, health care and government involvement in personal matters. There will be power struggles. There will be new developments. Do your detox, get strong, get ready. What are you looking forward to this Scorpio season?

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