2021 in Review: New Moon in Aquarius

The 2021 in Review Series allows us to reflect on the horoscopes from the past year. Here's the horoscope originally posted on Instagram:

New Moon in Aquarius

February 11, 2021

23 Aquarius

Who are you? No, really. Uncensored. Where and with whom do you feel most “you?” What are you experiencing right now? In what part of your life do you experiment? I don’t know about you but I’m having an extremely Aquarian experience right now, marked especially by the two benefics, Jupiter and Venus. It’s a long story and like the sun who has its fall in Aquarius, and perhaps since transiting Saturn (the planet of restrictions) is conjunct my natal Mercury (mind, communication), I’m a little too tired to tell it right now. But I will one day, hopefully soon. In the meantime I will say that last year, the new moon in Scorpio was conjunct my natal moon, last month, my solar return was on the new moon and today, this new moon is on my mother’ birthday. Happy Birthday, @fance14! In true Aquarian style, I feel like I am scientifically experiencing and noticing what new moons REALLY mean and their power. So, I encourage you to do the same. Look around and take it in because this is probably the most Aquarian day you will experience or, that you have experienced since 1962. Soak it in and let us know what you’re experiencing in the comments.45w

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