2021 in Review: Jupiter enters Pisces

The 2021 in Review Series allows us to reflect on the horoscopes from the past year. Here's the horoscope originally posted on Instagram:

JUPITER ENTERS PISCES - DREAM BIG! Get ready for the BIG GOOD, y’all! Jupiter, the greater benefic is back in one of its two traditional home signs. Jupiter transits a sign approximately every 12 years. The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was Jan 17 2010 - June 6 2010 and Sept 8, 2010 - Jan 22 2011. Last time, Uranus, which can bestow cosmic downloads or big surprises was co-present with Jupiter. This time, Jupiter is co-present only with its modern ruler, Neptune meaning we are getting the most bang for our buck with this preview of the transit that will last until July 28 and resume again Dec 18 ‘21 - May 10 ‘22 and Oct 28 - Dec 20 ‘22. Give back. Give to others. Give to yourself. Give to strangers. Give love. What part of your life is expanding? Where do you need moderation? What are you learning? What are you teaching? How is your confidence doing these days? What are tour dreams? What power do your prayers hold? What or who are you praying for? Do you need to retreat for renewal? Where do you go to heal? What are you wishing for? How are you growing? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear!32w

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