2021 in Review: Full Moon in Leo

The 2021 in Review Series allows us to reflect on the horoscopes from the past year. Here's the horoscope originally posted on Instagram:

Full Moon in Leo

January 28, 2021

2:15 pm ET

"Strong back, soft front, wild heart"

-Brene Brown

Exhale love. Let go of your burdens. Inhale freedom, fun, creativity. Full moon in Leo is exact at 2:15 pm EST today. Collectively and individually, we have all been through a dark night of the soul. And it’s not quite over. But just because the world around us is what it is doesn’t mean we can’t find love, joy and creativity right where we are now. Happiness is your birth right. Joy is your birth right. Fun is your birth right. Freedom is your birth right. Creativity is your birth right. Love is your birth right. Sometimes it takes courage to embrace this all and turn away from the dark and face the light, blinding as it can be. Sometimes the light is painful and we resist it when we’ve been in the dark for so long. It’s like stepping into ice water. But when hot has taught us that all you need to do is BREATHE and the ice water feels good and trains your immune system to stay calm. So today, the invitation is to breathe. To lean into the discomfort of adjusting back into joy. It’s ok. It’s good. Take it easy today and try to enjoy this one wild and precious life.47w

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