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Taylor Shuler Astrology, a BIPOC woman-owned business, is committed to supporting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ solidarity and liberation, women, survivors, those who are food and housing-insecure, veterans and their families through social justice, restorative justice and reparations. To that end, Taylor has committed for every 10 natal chart readings booked at full price, 1 session will be gifted in solidarity to support these and other disadvantaged populations. Your solidarity gift offers individuals from these populations who are otherwise unable access to the invaluable support astrological consultations can provide while simultaneously supporting this BIPOC woman, first generation college graduate, veteran family member-owned business. While gifts are set up as monthly recurring payments, you can cancel the recurring payments at any time to make as many gifts as you are able.

If you identify as being in one or more of the populations listed and are interested in receiving a solidarity-gifted birth chart reading to learn more about how astrology can support you in your life, please use the Contact Form to submit your request, or send an email to info@taylorshulerastrology.com. All requests are considered on a first-come first-served basis and are subject to the Terms & Conditions.