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Taylor Rae Shuler is an astrologer who currently practices out of her tiny house in the Finger Lakes region of New York. She has had a fascination with the stars and astrology since she was a child and her mother gave her Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers' The Secret Language of Birthdays. She grew up in the amazing, creative cosmopolis (yet regrettably sky-polluted) land rightfully belonging to the Lenni Lenape people that today we call New York City. The first few times she saw the stars in the clear night's sky visiting family in the South or at Camp Lohikan in the summer she was captivated.​ Taylor re-engaged with astrology during her very Saturnian first Saturn return which began upon Saturn's most recent entrance into Sagittarius when a friend nudged her toward SLN.me, a website based on Goldschneider's work.


Taylor is the grateful student of many teachers through books, online courses, podcasts, websites and conferences. Some of her most influential teachers from afar have been Chani Nicholas, Kelly Surtees, Anne Ortelee, Judith Hill, Demetra George, Cayelin Castell, Chris Brennan, Gemini Brett, Rick Merlin Levine, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Steven Forrest, Austin Coppock and Daniel Giamario. In true Pisces, Neptune/Sun fashion and as a native to code-switching, Taylor humbly practices a liberal arts approach to astrology, integrating elements from a number of astrological traditions including hellenistic, modern, shamanic, evolutionary and vedic. This and the way she unapologetically switches between house systems to gain a more holistic understanding of the chart in question ensures that every reading is "taylored" specifically to the client.



Before launching her astrology practice, Taylor earned a Masters Degree in Cross-Cultural and Sustainable Business Management from the American University of Paris in France, a Bachelor's degree is Sociology from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, a Permaculture Design Certificate from Peter Cow/Permaculture Association (UK), she is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional in Human Resources and a student of A Course in Miracles. She has attended the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Drexel, The George Washington University, CUNY and took french lessons at the Sorbonne. Taylor has worked as an expert people, culture, talent, DEIB partner and organizational consultant, as a certified paralegal and as a biodynamic permaculture practitioner. Her work has spanned the corporate, agriculture, secondary and higher education and western healthcare fields. 

Singing, food, nature, nature-based design systems, tiny houses, rites, wisdom traditions, figuring shit out, travelling and watching the sky when the sun crosses the horizon (also commonly but incorrectly referred to as sunrises and sunsets) are some of Taylor's favorite things in addition to astrology. She has lived in 6 states, the District of Columbia and Paris, France and although the actual process of getting to destinations have felt more challenging post-Saturn return, Taylor very much enjoys exploring new destinations around the world. Taylor currently serves on the Board of

Pictured: Taylor Shuler (she/her/hers), Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, 29 degrees Pisces Rising, honorary Sagittarius/Aquarius.

Pictured from left to right: Nancy (Taylor's mom), Taylor, Perry (Taylor's dad)

Directors for the Groundswell Center for Farming and Food Justice, has served on the Board for the Permaculture Association of the Northeast (PAN) and created the Dignity Drive for those who are housing-insecure especially veterans. Taylor is a BIPOC woman (she/her pronouns) who is a descendant of slaves in America (ADOS) with relative light-skin, biracial privilege, the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran turned tireless florist Scorpio father and an amazingly beloved, creative, compassionate and giving Sun/Jupiter/Venus Aquarian mother.


Connection to and between people and nature, curiosity and courage are the values that she lives and practices astrology by, and have been woven through the tapestry of her life. She truly believes their ideal manifestations will be what changes the world for the better. With a Midheaven conjunct Uranus and Saturn on the Galactic Center, Pisces rising, Scorpio Moon and Neptune/Sun in her chart, not only has she had many careers, but more importantly, Taylor has learned to trust and use her intuition in her work to benefit others. Through her astrology practice, Taylor seeks to empower her clients to embrace their gifts and lives through an understanding of the celestial energies in their natal charts that is derived from ancient and indigenous wisdom traditions that are our rightful inheritance (with proper attribution) as children of humanity. Clients who work with her feel seen, heard, validated, understood, encouraged and leave sessions with greater clarity and motivation. Taylor would love to connect with you and share her intuitive insight to help you live your life filled with more love and meaning.